Essence Longlasting Nude: 05 & 06

Hey loves!
Essence is a very budget friendly makeup brand but often has hits and misses! I love their ‘All about Matt’ compact fixing powder, but I dislike their single eyeshadows or palettes most of the time. I picked up 2 lipsticks of their Longlasting Nude line at the local drugstore. So let’s see how good these are for the price that you pay!
What I love about the packaging is the fact that Essence made the colour of packaging the same as the lipstick, which makes it very easy to find the right lipstick immediately in your stash! The material feels a bit cheap though, but I don’t mind it for the price!

Pigmentation and finish

I like the pigmentation of 05 Cool Nude, I’m really surprised! The colour is almost my own lip colour, just a little bit more cool toned and mauve. It’s a very nice nude, but my lips are already very pigmented on their own so I have to slap some foundation on my lips, so the colour shines at its maximum. 06 Don’t stop the nude is a chocolate brownish colour. Very nineties if you ask me which I love and I think this colour really suits me. It’s a warm brown but in different lighting, it tends to look more cool toned. I have to wear a lipliner with this lipstick because otherwise you can see the red rims of my own lip colour and that is not a pleasant sight! Little side note, 06 tends to be patchy, so it takes some effort to get it even. Bummer!

Both 05 and 06 stay on my lips for a decent amount of time. 1-2 hours, but it strongly depends on how often and what you eat or drink. If I had to compare these lipsticks with the finishes of MAC, I would that they’re somewhere between an amplified and satin finish! Very comfortable to wear and not drying at all.

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I  like the colour of 05 and 06 but the formula and pigmentation of 05 wins for me!
I think they’re good lipsticks considering their price tag and I would recommend buying. They are approved! You cannot go wrong for the price of £2,15!

What do you think of the Essence lipsticks from the Longlasting Nude line? Will you go and buy them? Let me know in the comments!
Lots of love and see you next time!


One response to “Essence Longlasting Nude: 05 & 06”

  1. I very much liked the 05 shade! It’s such a pity that we don’t have Essence here 😦


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