3 Renaissance Looks With A Modern Twist

Hey loves,
Awhile ago I reviewed my palette gem from Anastasia Beverly Hills: The Modern Renaissance palette. Today I have four of my favourite looks lined up to show you!
Let’s do this!

First and foremost, sorry for the incredible dirty photo of the palette. The velvet packaging is a huge pain in the arse when you’re a messy and clumsy person like me. It took me exactly two days until the first stain was created, dear me.But anyway here are the Renaissance looks with a modern twist. Get it?

Natural Red/Gold look AKA Β Christmas colours
I normally don’t wear a lot of eye makeup when I’m going out of my house or in general, because I want to stay invisible as much as possible. But when I feel courageous, which happens sometimes, I go for something natural but with a pop of colour. No matter the occasion, I will always gravitate towards a gold, a red and a muted brown.

For this look, I went for Primavera, Antique Bronze and Red Ochre. I don’t know if I have mentioned it before, but I ADORE the colour Red Ochre. I even wear it on it’s own. When I’m home alone, ofcourse. Evidently haha.

I primed my eyes with a concealer, because I don’t have a primer and I find that a concealer works well enough. Next, I used Tempera, which is a shade almost as light as my skin so basically invisible, to set the concealer and make blending easier.
I did this with every look in this article!
After the base is prepared, I used Red Ochre in the crease with a fluffy blending brush and began by building up the colour. It’s easier to have some patience and build up the colour with this palette, since it is so pigmented and very easy to use to much. On the lid, I applied Primavera all over and took a little more of Red Ochre to melt the colours together. Finally, I applied Antique Bronze on the outer corner of my lid to add some definition. Blend blend blend, putting some Tempera on the inner corners and brow bone and I was done.

Warm/Taupe Look AKA Send Warm Toned Nudes
I’m going to keep it short this time, since it’s almost always the same progress. For this look I started by putting Raw Sienna in the crease with a 217 brush by MAC. Next up was Burnt Orange also in the crease, but with a fluffier brush this time and I’ve put a little above my crease.

But the crease is not done yet! I put Realgar (also a favourite of mine) inbetween Raw Sienna and Burnt Orange to define it even further. Then I put Warm taupe on the lid again, since it has lost its intensity. Last but not least, Cyprus Umber on the outer corner of the lid, blend blend blend and Tempera on the brow bone and in the inner corner.

Pink/Red Look AKA Pretty In Pink

This is probably my favourite look ever. Not to go outside though haha, but one never knows when the occasion will arise where I can rock this look. I used Love Letter in the crease and a little above with a fluffy brush. I go above my crease quite often because of the shape of my eyes. Venetian Red is a gorgeous colour and especially on the lid hoho, me likey. To define the crease just a tad more, I used Red Ochre just on the outside. It truly adds something special. I also put Cyprus Umber on the outside of the lid and finally Vermeer as inner corner highlight. Brow bone highlight is Tempera!

Those were my 3 Renaissance looks with a Modern twist. I hope you liked them and I do want to remind you that I’m not a professional and I’m still learning how to improve my skills. Tips are always helpful ofcourse! Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed reading.
Lots of love and see you next time!

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  1. Aww it is lovely!! ❀

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    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      Thank you so much! I’m still improving my skilss with eyeshadow haha ❀

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