Travel Diary: Stockholm 2017

Hello loves,
Today I will be showing you a lot of photos of my trip to Stockholm, Sweden.
I went to Sweden exactly a week after Germany. My mum definitely struggled with the laundry. 

I went to Sweden with my boyfriend, Florian. Ever since we got to know each other, we shared a love for Scandinavia and especially Sweden and after two years we finally decided that we would go with just the two of us.

It had been years since I flew with an airplane. At least 4 years since my last visit to Vietnam and let my tell you that my anxiety went through the goddamn universe. My anxiety had increased throughout the years on different levels and it only has been a year since it finally started to decrease after hard work and trying to get rid of it. But mama mia, I was not prepared for that flight. It’s a miracle I didn’t stop the blood circulation in my boyfriend’s hand from squeezing it so hard.

Eventually we got there (safe and hands still alive) and the 5 days we spend there were everything I could dream off. So now, I will be sharing a little bit of my experience in Stockholm!


Funny story: I didn’t have my foundation, concealer and mascara with me on the trip. I had forgotten that you can’t take anything that is liquid in your handbagage on the aeroplane. How silly of me! Afterwards, it turned out that they have special bags now, permitting to take liquids with you in your handbag. If only I knew…
What a view!
The glitter particles that you can see on my fingerprint are actually from a highlighter, haha. This was taken in the Nobel Museum.

That was my little trip to Stockholm, Sweden. I would very much like to get back one day and visit the islands around Stockholm and maybe go more toward the North of Sweden. 
I hoped you enjoyed, lots of love and see you next time!

3 responses to “Travel Diary: Stockholm 2017”

  1. Lovely pictures! 😀 looks like you’ve had a wonderfull trip to Stockholm! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. peculiarblondegirl avatar

      Thank you and I definitely did! 🙂


  2. RevolutionaryRoads avatar

    Enjoyed reading this post a lot! Reminded me of my trip to Stockholm last February. I love that city!


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