Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick

Hey loves,
I guess I’m a bit late with this review since the hype-train has already passed. However, I usually tend to miss a lot of hype-trains, so I wasn’t really too bothered by it. I did wonder what was so special about it though and before I knew it, I bought a ticket!
Let’s stop with the train talk and let’s get on with the review, shall we?

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before but I’m not the biggest fan of foundations. A lot of foundation irk and irritate my skin and therefore I tend to not wear it in my daily life. It’s just not my favourite makeup product but I do use it for blog purposes. I recently filmed a First Impressions video on my youtube channel which featured the Fast Base Stick Foundation by Revolution. I did quite like the foundation whilst filming and surprisingly, it didn’t irritate my skin. Needless to say that I was extremely hopeful for this foundation and can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (1)

The Fast Base Stick Foundation by Revolution is said to be a multifunctional stick foundation with a blendable and buildable formula and should provide a satin finish to the face. There are a whopping 18 shades with a range of different undertones to chose from and the Fast Base foundation can be used as a foundation, highlighter or contour. You get 6,2 grams which is quite the standard amount for a drugstore stick foundation.
The Fast Base Foundation retails for €5,95 on Boozyshop or the Revolution Beauty site. Last but not least, the Fast Base Stick Foundation is cruelty-free and vegan!

The Fast Base Foundation is packaged as a nude coloured tube with copper details. The Revolution logo is embossed on the side of the tube and the shade name can be found on the bottom. Unfortunately, the actual name of the foundation, the ingredients and additional information are nowhere to be found on the packaging. I do like the packaging of the Fast Base Foundation for its compactness which is always easy for travelling.

Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (5)Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (4)Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (7)

I decided to try the Fast Base Foundation with both a sponge and a brush on each side of my face upon first use. The side where I used the brush had good coverage and was very dewy. Unfortunately, the foundation was a bit cakey around the nose and between my brows when applied with a brush. I did prefer the side where I used the sponge due to the absence of cakiness. However, this did impact the coverage and overall dewiness of the foundation.

Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (4)

I wanted to give the brush application another go because I did like the dewiness and coverage a lot. Instead of drawing the foundation on, I applied it onto the brush first and then onto the face in downwards motions. This, unfortunately, didn’t change the cakiness between my brows and around the nose which I also experienced upon first use. I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that the Fast Base Foundation didn’t cling to any dry patches which is something that is normally inevitable when using a brush for foundation.

Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (5)

My prefered way of applying the Fast Base Foundation, after using this method multiple times, is to apply the foundation with both a brush and a sponge. First, I like to apply the foundation all over the face except between the brows and around the nose. Then I like to go in with my sponge and apply the foundation between the brows and around the nose to avoid the cakiness. I also tap the sponge all over the face to achieve a flawless blend and finish. I know it seems like a lot of work and a bit excessive but it’s how I get the best result with this particular foundation.

Formula & Longevity
The formula of the Fast Base Foundation is very dewy with a medium to high coverage. The formula is very creamy and glides onto the skin and is, as stated, very easy to blend and quite buildable. Since the foundation has a really creamy formula, I do recommend slightly setting the foundation. It might otherwise transfer and feel really tacky. I never wear foundation for an entire day but the Fast Base Foundation did last really well. I only had the urge to take it off after 6-7 hours and it still looked really healthy. It did slightly fade around my chin area though.

Swatches + Close-ups

Revolution-fast-base-foundation-stick-review-and-swatches (2)CSC_0604CSC_0603BeFunky-collage (3) (1)

I must say that I’m pleasantly surprised by this foundation. It’s one of the few foundations that I don’t want to wipe off after an hour. It has really good coverage and a dewy finish which I like. At only €5,95, it’s a true bargain!

What do you think of the Fast Base Foundation by Revolution? Have you tried it?
Lots of love and see you next time!


7 responses to “Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick”

    1. It’s amazing and thank you girl! xx

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  1. I tried it but unfortunately I didn’t like it 😞 My skin is way too oily for it and it feels a little heavy after wearing it for a few hours! But I’m glad it works for you xx

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    1. I’ve seen that a lot of people with oily skin that don’t like this foundation due to it being so dewy! It’s too bad that it doesn’t work for you and them and I hope Revolution might make a matte version! xx

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  2. I hate that we can’t get Revolution makeup here, I would love to try a lot of their products but I hate ordering online.When I watched your video I really liked the dewy finish of the foundation, it would be great for my winter skin. Never tried stick foundation before though. xx

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    1. Oh that sucks! I do hope that Revolution will come to you soon because they have some great products. I totally get what you mean with ordering online. There’s still a charm that ordering online doesn’t have in comparison to buying something in a store. I also never tried a stick foundation before but this one is pretty nice! xx

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  3. So glad you reviewed this product I’ve been wondering what’s it like for a while!! You look so good with and without the foundation your natural skin is beautiful xx


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