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Hey loves,
You guys know by now that I love everything that gives my complexion a subtle glow and hydration. After seeing this product recommended by a lot of people, I decided to take the jump and purchase it. Without further ado: the review of the First Light Priming Filter by Becca Cosmetics!

Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (4)Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (13)

Sometimes, I do not care about the packaging at all. It’s all about the product and whether that is good or bad. However, I must admit that it’s an added bonus when the packaging is beautiful. The Becca First Light Priming Filter is one of those products where the packaging is a bonus. I love a simplistic aesthetic, especially with makeup products. The First Light Priming Filter’s external packaging is a black shiny box with a lavender touch. The primer itself comes in a matte glass bottle with a black shiny cap. The First Light Priming Filter feels and looks luxurious and expensive. The pump is also very good and easy to control. Most importantly, it doesn’t leak.

Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (9)Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (7)

Becca claims that the First Light Priming Filter is a hydrating primer that instantly photo-filters skin imperfections for a long-lasting makeup application. It also claims to blur imperfections and fine lines whilst also diminishing puffiness and dullness. Who doesn’t want that?

I was very pleased to observe that there were no glitter particles in the formula. I was really scared for that because I hate glitter and illuminating primers usually have glitter in them. Luckily, this one does not. There are minuscule shimmer particles in the First Light Priming Filter though, however, they are invisible once you blend the product into the skin. Very fascinating. The formula has a watery consistency and therefore spreads out well and very fast. You don’t need a lot of product to cover your entire face. The product sinks into the skin beautifully and doesn’t leave a tacky or greasy feeling behind.

Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (6)Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (12)

How does it work?
The First Light Priming Filter works very well for my skin type. My face feels significantly less tight and much more hydrated when I apply this primer. It gives a natural but luminous glow to the face. It’s very subtle but noticeable and gives a very healthy look to the skin. Although this primer has a hydrating aspect, I wouldn’t use it as a daily moisturiser. When it comes to the lavender hue of the First Light Priming Filter, I do see how it diminishes any dullness you might have due to the healthy glow it gives and the colour-correcting aspect.

Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (5)

One claim this product doesn’t live up to is the diminishing of fine lines and blurring of the skin. It doesn’t do much for those “problems”. The First Light Priming Filter does have a nice priming aspect. Makeup adheres well to the skin and also wears well on top of this primer. Last but not least, the primer has a citrusy, lemony scent. It’s so good but I do think it might be too overpowering for some people.

SwatchesBecca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (2)Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (14)Becca-first-light-priming-filter-review-and-swatches (3)

As you can tell by the swatches and full face pictures, the effect of this product is very hard to catch on camera. I tried the best I could and went through a million pictures to find the best one. The best way to see the difference is at the tip of the nose and my cheek area. I love how this product seems to rejuvenate my face and gives me a subtle but beautiful glow from within. I have been using this product almost every day and I love the lemon scent it has. The Becca First Light Priming Filter retails for £32 which is approximately €35 and is available on Cult Beauty.

What do you think of the First Light Priming Filter by Becca? Do you see the difference?
Lots of love and see you next time!


9 responses to “Becca First Light Priming Filter”

  1. Definitely wanna pick this up! I’m always on the hunt for a perfect primer for dry skin! Thanks for reviewing! Xx

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    1. I totally recommend buying it, especially if you have dry skin! You’re welcome! 🙂 xx

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  2. I heard incredible things about this primer, but honestly it looks just as regular gel cream you would put on skin. I’m sure it looks lovey in person, it’s really hard to catch the effect on camera, doesn’t matter what you do. I hate the fact that it’s quite expensive, not sure I would pay that much for primer. In my local currency it’s about 70, so too expensive unfortunately. xx

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    1. I totally understand what you mean because the effect is very similar to a regular gel cream. However, I have tried some of them before and they tend to break me out or irritate my skin. I don’t know what it is in those products that does that. This product doesn’t do that and that’s why I love it so much but I do think that it’s not a necessary product to buy for other people! And wow, I didn’t know it costs that much in your currency. That’s insane! Xx

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      1. When you find something that works, it’s worth paying extra. I’m glad it works for you, it’s hard to find good primer definitely. Everything is double or tripple the normal price here, that’s why I mainly get things from Essence and Catrice, because most of their stuff is not too expensive here. xx

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      2. Yes it is but I also love my Catrice Nude Glow Primer, which is luckily not that expensive. It truly astonishes me that everything is so expensive where you live. Luckily Essence and Catrice have many products with amazing quality! xx

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  3. Sounds like a pretty good product overall!! Great review xx


  4. I have the Back Light Primer by them and I LOVE it! I’ll have to try this one next, it sounds just as lovely

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    1. I have yet to try the Back Light Primer but I’ve heard great things about it and I’m certainly going to buy it now that I know that you love it! This one is really good for hydration and a subtle glow, really recommend!! x

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