Nabla Cosmetics The Feather Collection: Artemisia, Verve & Poetry

Ah, Italy. The food is amazing. The architecture is amazing. And apparently, the makeup is no different. Today I present three colours of the new Feather Collection by Nabla Cosmetics.

Nabla Cosmetics is a relatively new Italian indie brand. They recently had a huge hype around their first eyeshadow palettes, ‘Dreamy’ and ‘Soul Blooming’. I did a review on those palettes as well as some of their permanent shades (review here). If you have read those reviews, then you know that Nabla’s eyeshadow formula is among my favourites on the market, especially their mattes. Nabla Cosmetics is also cruelty-free and vegan, which is something I love. I do think some products contain beeswax, so always read the description if you want to avoid those ingredients.

Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (13)

I was very happy when I saw the Feather Collection, mainly because it exists of individual eyeshadow pans and a beautiful empty palette. Lately, I have been really liking individual pans and I’ve been wanting to grow my collection. It’s almost as if Nabla read my mind and decided to bless me with this collection.

The Feather collection consists of twelve brand new shades and a liberty free palette. I watched Nabla’s youtube announcement video and I adored the fact that MrDanielMakeup (the creative director of Nabla) said that their individual eyeshadows are a symbolic tribute to the choice of freedom. All twelve shades have a matte finish but there are two textures of mattes. Nine shades have a Super Matte texture, which means that they’re very buttery to the touch and very pigmented. The other three shades have a Matte texture which means that they have a nice pay-off but they’re buildable. I think this texture is a good approach for those whom are just starting with makeup and are afraid to make mistakes. Having buildable shadows will limit the rookie mistakes in the beginning. I chose three shades of this collection of which I thought were the most unique and shades that I didn’t have in my collection yet and those three shades all have a Super Matte finish.

Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (16)

The packaging is very beautiful and sophisticated. I don’t own the Feather empty palette but it has the same packaging as the individual shades. The packaging has an ivory/light pink colour with a feather pattern, hence the name of the collection, with metallic gold feathers. The individual shades retail for €7,90 which is between the usual prices of Nabla’s eyeshadows (€6.50 – €9.90). The pans are still bigger than a standard pan from Makeup Geek or Anastasia Beverly Hills, however, this time there is less product in the actual pan. Nabla’s eyeshadow usually have a weight of 2,5g and the three eyeshadows I bought only have a weight of 1,8g. It’s something that I found curious but moving on.

Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (12)Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (11)

The formula of the Super Mattes is very soft and buttery, but the shadow is pressed dense enough to have great pigmentation and limited kick-up. The shadows are rich in pigment and also very opaque. The swatches might seem a bit patchy but that is due to some residue of an oily product on my fingers. There is absolutely no patchiness on the eye, not even with the cool-toned shade ‘Poetry’. The blendability of these Super Mattes is amazing. It’s better than some of the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadows that I own. There isn’t a single flaw in this formula. I very much adore it.

Poetry: A dusty violet, Muted purple with a cool undertone
Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (4)Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (5)

Verve: Pomegranate pink Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (6)Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (7)

Artemisia: Dusty rose, pink with a brown undertoneNabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (8)Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (9)

Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (10)Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (3)

LookNabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (2)Nabla-feather-collection-review-swatches-makeup (15)

That’s it for my review. I really recommend the Feather Collection as it’s the most beautiful neutral collection I have seen since Soft Glam by Anastasia Beverly Hills (review here). The entire collection is currently available on BeautyBay, Boozyshop and Nabla’s site. There’s also a bundle on Nabla’s site which is currently on sale. From €106.30 to €74.41.

I’m very happy to have expanded my Nabla Cosmetics collection with these three unique shades, especially the shade ‘Poetry’. I hope they will release more individuals pans, as they’re so fabulous! What do you think of this collection and have you ever tried anything by Nabla?
Lots of love and see you soon!

5 responses to “Nabla Cosmetics The Feather Collection: Artemisia, Verve & Poetry”

  1. I love love the look you created with these shadows, color suit you so well. I already said on Instagram that lipstick is your shade, you definitely need to wear it more. xx

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much lovely, I’ve been wearing the lipstick more since you gave much such a wonderful compliment. You’re the sweetest! Xx


  2. some gorgeous shades & such a fun look! 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They’re stunning and thank you so much! 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Such pretty colours 😀 I love the look you created xx


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