Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream Team Lip Kit

Hey loves,
Today’s review will be about the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights ‘Dream’ collection. Let’s dive into the world of the Ultra Satins and Ultra Glosses!

First of all, I would like to say that this is my first time buying and trying anything from Colourpop. Unfortunately, Colourpop is only available on their website and Ulta and they ship from America. Therefore the customs and taxes can be quite high for my wallet. Luckily, I found a person in The Netherlands that organises group orders. She divides the customs between the people who have applied for an order. I normally would have to pay around €20-40 of customs and I only had to pay €5 with the group order. I do hope Colourpop expands to other continents such as Europe because the customs are arseholes.


The Dream Team Lip Bundle is available as a bundle for 19$, but it is currently on sale for $11,40, which is about €9-10. The shades of this bundle are also individually for sale and those retail for 6$. I think that the price tag of the products is really nice and budget friendly. I did always wonder whether the quality would be good as well, considering the cheap price and today, we shall find out. The Dream Team collection was created with Kathleen Lights, who I like to watch on Youtube. This collection was the closest thing to a collab every holding my interest, in contrary to other Youtuber’s collabs. Kathleen also created an eyeshadow palette, which is beautiful, but I felt like I wasn’t going to use it often.

Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (1)

The packaging has a beautiful rose gold marble design with a moon and some little stars. The logo and name of the product are printed onto the box and there is some information on the back of the box. The actual products, being the lip products, have a similar packaging with the same rose gold colour and star design. The lettering on the lippies fades rather quickly. All of the lip products have a doe-foot applicator, which is apparently different to the normal applicator of the Ultra Glossy Lips.

Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (2)Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (3)Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (4)

I’m starting the review of the formula with the Satin Mattes. Rêver and Dreamy are both an Ultra Satin Lippie. First of all, they’re both extremely pigmented and they apply evenly. The pigment is distributed opaquely and without any patchiness. Another thing I love about the Ultra Satins is the finish and the feeling of the formula. Dreamy and Rêver have a satin finish that doesn’t feel drying at all. They don’t feel heavy or uncomfortable. Something I want to mention is the fact that they’re not transfer-proof. Like not in the slightest. Last but not least, the Ultra Satin Lippies don’t have a synthetic scent.

Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (21)

Next, the Ultra Glossy Lip in the bundle called Moon Child. Moonchild has quite a bit of pigment, especially for a gloss. However, it’s not completely opaque. For full opaqueness, you might need a second layer. The formula is buttery, not too thick and it’s not sticky. There is shimmer in Moon Child but it’s finely milled and you cannot feel it on the lips. The shimmer is visible and this makes Moon Child less wearable and less an everyday colour to wear. The formula doesn’t last long but is easy to reapply.

SwatchesColourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (18)

Moon Child:  Peachy brown with warm undertones and gold shimmers
Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (13)Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (17)

Dreamy: Muted coral with warm undertones
Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (14)Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (15)

Rêver: Bright red with orange undertones
Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (12)Colourpop-x-kathleenlights-dream-team-dream-street-lip-bundle-lipstick-review-swatches (16)

That’s it for today’s review of the Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream Team lip bundle of the Dream collection. Dreamy and Moon Child have become everyday staples, Rêver has become a staple standout colour and I love the formula of both finishes. My first Colourpop experience has been excellent!

Have you ever tried anything by Colourpop? What do you think of the lip bundle?
Lots of love and see you next time!

3 responses to “Colourpop x Kathleen Lights Dream Team Lip Kit”

  1. Dreamy is such a pretty shade, I really like it on your skin tone. This lip kit is so worth the money, because shades are so pretty and you will definitely use them a lot. xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love it as well. It’s just warm enough to look nice on my skin tone. I’m very happy with this lip kit because it’s definitely worth the money and I wear two/three shades almost every day, as you said! xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love all the colours on you 😀 dreamy is definitely my fave shade xx


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