Travel Tag: A Week in Dublin

Hey loves!
My exams were finally done after a month and a half of pure torture and my boyfriend and I decided it would be a good opportunity to go on a holiday to relax. We decided to go to Dublin, Ireland. Today I will show you what we did and what I think of Dublin!

I want to start off by saying that I forgot how much I hate flying. I experience a lot of anxiety on a daily basis, usually for the smallest things but damn. The flight experience wasn’t the greatest. Actually, the flight to Dublin itself was pretty good. I hated the take-off but other than that, everything was alright. However, the flight to Dublin was awful (at least for me). From the moment that we flew into Belgium, there were clouds and a lot of turbulence. I had a bad experience from flying to Vietnam where the aeroplane dropped down for a few seconds because of something with the air/wind and it wasn’t the nicest thing to go through. So yeah, not a fan of the flying.

Apart from flying, we didn’t do a lot on the first day except for roaming the city, exploring and trying to find our Airbnb. We actually found our little studio very quickly and I must say I was impressed. The studio had everything we needed and was very clean and pretty. I loved the interior and the fact that we had a TV with Netflix. Ierland (10)Ierland (15)

The first time we went to properly explore Dublin was on Tuesday when we visited the National Museum of Ireland. It was a very nice museum (and free) where you could see some of the history and culture aspects of Ireland. We enjoyed this visit very much and it was very interesting to see different aspects.


We went to Dublin Zoo. I know. Going on a holiday and going to a zoo? It can actually be pretty fun. The road to Dublin Zoo wasn’t very far from our studio and we just had to walk through Phoenix Park which is a beautiful park btw. Very relaxing and a place of tranquillity in the busy city.Ierland (139)Ierland (142)

The Zoo was actually really nice to visit. We got a little discount because we paid for student tickets. Unexpectedly, the zoo was actually not very busy. There were a few people around but it was quite calm for the most part, which was pleasant.

Ierland (176)Ierland (185)Ierland (201)Ierland (236)

We went to another museum and oh boy, it was a confusing experience but what can you expect from a Museum of Modern Art. There weren’t many exhibitions and the ones that were one weren’t exactly interesting. We weren’t really impressed by it and left rather quickly.ย Ierland (418)Ierland (422)

After the rather confusing and disappointing experience of modern art, yet again, we went for a walk through the city searching for the tree that ate a bench and we found it. It was so strange but very cool to see it, haha.

Ierland (424)Ierland (431)

This was a very nice day. In terms of weather and experience. I must say that we had amazing weather all week, apart from Tuesday. Sunny, slightly windy and very mild. So we decided to go to the very centre of Dublin and visit Trinity College. Trinity College has an exhibition of the Book of Kells and a beautiful old library. I absolutely loved the library and the Book of Kells, but the only downside was the people taking tons of selfies and then leaving after taking them.



Oh, we also visited the Oscar Wilde statue!

Ierland (471)

After visiting the beautiful library and the Oscar Wilde statue, we went to yet another museum. This museum was actually the best one. It was the National Gallery of Ireland and it displayed several works of Picasso, Renoir, Monet, Cezanne and also some Belgian/Dutch painters. Other than that another myriad of beautiful paintings and the building itself was equally stunning.


On Saturday we went to my favourite activity of the entire trip. We went to Howth which is a small peninsula near Dublin. I massively enjoyed being there despite being very windy and a little rainy. Nature was so stunning and we went on an 8-10km walk. I couldn’t help but think I was in a Poirot or Vera episode due to the homes and nature. You can easily go to Howth with one of the trains for a very cheap price.

Ierland (554)Ierland (588)Ierland (605)Ierland (625)

Those were some of the highlights of my trip to Dublin. We also went to a local pub which was nice because of the interior and I had a lovely steak. However, I do have to mention that as much as I genuinely enjoyed my trip, Dublin wasn’t really my favourite city. All of the streets were quite dirty and awfully busy. People weren’t that friendly and my boyfriend and I were quite disappointed with that. I loved what we did but the city itself wasn’t really nice. I wasn’t in love with it like I have been with Stockholm and Berlin. So yeah, that’s that, haha.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and the pictures. I wanted to show you the best pictures since I cannot show all of them, haha. What do you think of Dublin? Would you like to visit it?
Lots of love and see you soon!

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  1. poutineandprada avatar

    You’re so lucky! I have always wanted to go to Dublin!

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    1. It was great! I hope you can visit soon!

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  2. Wow what a great time you had! It’s so cool that you visited Dublin xx

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