Full Face Of Nabla Cosmetics

Hey guys,
Nabla Cosmetics is one of my favourite makeup brands but to most people still quite unknown. Today I want to go through all the products I have from them, including their new foundation and powders, and tell you what’s worth buying!
What brand would you like to see next in this series?
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Products mentioned:
Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer
Becca First Light Primer
Soul Blooming Palette
Dreamy palette
Nabla Individual Eyeshadows
Nabla White Rose Brush Set
Nabla Futuristic Close-Up Foundation in L10
Nabla Glowy Skin Stick in Beige Mirage
Nabla Blush Skin Stick in Maybe Baby
Nabla Close-Up Concealer in Porcelain
Nabla Close-Up Smoothing Pressed Powder
Nabla Bronzer in Gotham
Nabla Blush in Kendra
Nabla Glass Skin Trip Highlighter in Crown
Nabla Dreamy Liquid Lipstick in Ritual
Nabla Shine Theory Lip Gloss in Crazy Diamond

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4 responses to “Full Face Of Nabla Cosmetics”

  1. You look so glowy & gorgeous!

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  2. Loving the final look! I’ve never actually heard of nabla cosmetics xx

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    1. It’s a quite unknown brand still, but they are slowly but surely getting attention! xx


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