Nudestix All Over Face Color in Bondi Bae

Hey loves,
Summer will officially begin in a few weeks and I’m slowly transitioning my makeup from powders to creams. The Nudestix All Over Face Color in Bondi Bae is said to be the best cream bronzer and today, I will be reviewing this beauty.

The packaging is quite simple. However, I do like the fact that it comes in a metal box. I still keep it to store other things in it. The cream bronzer itself is a black double-ended tube. One side has the cream product and the other side has a brush. I don’t use the brush because it’s too stiff and densely packed to achieve a nice bronzed effect. I think it could work fine for contour. I love the little sticker on the bottom of the product. This makes it so easy to store and to recognise and find the colour you need immediately. You get 7 grams of product for the price of €28,50 (on This product is vegan and cruelty-free.

nudestix-all-over-face-color-bondi-bae-review-swatches (5)nudestix-all-over-face-color-bondi-bae-review-swatches (2)

I was surprised at the matte formula. Which is stupid because the description said it was matte. I was expecting it to be a tad more creamy or to have a sheen. I’m stupid haha. Anyway, the finish is softly matte on the skin. It doesn’t give you a sheen or glow. It blends flawlessly with both a sponge and brush. The blendability is what surprised me. It is so incredibly easy to blend and without any hard troubles. The pigmentation is medium to high but sheers out quite a bit when blended. There’s no patchiness on my skin and the product blends out quite opaque. It creates a beautiful bronzed look. This definitely works for dry skin even though it has a matte formula and I think Bondi Bae might work for oily skin because of it. The formula isn’t greasy or oily.

nudestix-all-over-face-color-bondi-bae-review-swatches (4)

You see a lot of people drawing cream products onto their skin. I feel like this technique is definitely usable with this product. However, I feel like you waste a lot of product and you might end up using more than you need. I also think you don’t have a precise application and blend with that technique. I prefer to use it straight from the stick. I pick it up with a sponge or brush and then tap and blend it out onto my skin. My favourite way to apply this is with a slightly dense but fluffy brush and then blend it out a bit more with a sponge.

nudestix-all-over-face-color-bondi-bae-review-swatches (1).jpg

The Shade
The colour is a bit off for me. It can be too dark and orange if I’m not careful. I can make it work when I apply it very carefully and without using too much product. I think this will be perfect for summer though. However, I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re very pale and when bronzers pull orange on you often.


That’s it for today’s review on the Nudestix All Over Face Color in Bondi Bae. I’m really happy I purchased this and I love the finish and formula of this product. I do hope they extend their shade range because one bronzer isn’t going to cover the entire spectrum of skin tones. I will enjoy this very much during the summer though! You can purchase the Nudestix Nudies All Over Face Color here.
What do you think of this product and have you ever tried something by Nudestix?
Lots of love and see you next time!

5 responses to “Nudestix All Over Face Color in Bondi Bae”

  1. I’ve really been wanting to try Nudestix! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    1. You’re very welcome! Thank you for reading! xx

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  2. I love nudestix! The products are good, simple and the founder is such a beautiful, hard-working human being. And i get what you mean, usually creams always have a sheen no matter what they say about it being ‘matte’ but this is TRULY MATTE.

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    1. Totally agree and I definitely want to try more of Nudestix now. Have you seen their new dewy All over face sticks? I’m obsessed!!

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      1. Yess! But I’m not really a blush person…but i also really like a dewy blush!? what to do!!! HAHA

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