Colourpop Main Squeeze Palette | Review + Swatches

Hello my lovely earthlings,
Colourpop has been releasing new products every single week. It’s been insane. Can you remember a week where they haven’t launched anything? No, me neither. Today I will be reviewing the Main Squeeze palette. A monochromatic red palette that launched for their fifth birthday collection.


The packaging is really cute. Their fifth birthday collection was inspired by watermelons. Very summery and tasty. I think it was the perfect opportunity to launch a red palette. Such a nice theme. The material of the palette is made of plastic and not cardboard. I really adore the little gold seeds on the front of the palette, that represent the seeds of a watermelon. You get nine shades for $12 (+/- €11). Three of those are shimmers, one is a satin, and the other five are mattes. I really like that they put the shimmers in the middle of the palette instead of throwing them at random. The shade names are to die for with names like Frosé, Home Slice and Seed Money. The names of the shades are also at the back of the palette.


The colour scheme is obviously red and monochromatic. Don’t expect greens or purples in this palette (duh). The nine shades carry a nice variation of the shade red and show the variety that it can have. I do think that some shades are a bit too similar, like Frosé and Seed Money. I applied those two shades in a look and you could hardly tell the difference. The shimmers are really nice though, colour wise. From gold with a reddish undertone to a pinky red. It screams summer and watermelon. I do think this palette is a nice complimentary palette if you want to add red to a look and want to have different options or a different undertone. Or if you just want to do a monochromatic red look.

DSC_1899DSC_1905 (1)

The formula of the mattes is really nice. The pigmentation is medium but very buildable. You can layer the shades without any issues like skipping or patchiness. Every shade is smooth and blendable. Even the darkest reddish brown shade ‘Red Bottoms’ works perfectly. The shimmers are not bad but not mindblowing either. It’s a true shimmer that will provide some sheen to the eyes but isn’t metallic whatsoever. You can make them intense by wetting them though. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that none of these shades stain the eyes. I have worn these for a couple of hours and didn’t get any staining at all. I don’t mind staining but it’s always nice if it doesn’t happen.

DSC_1900DSC_1903BeFunky-collage (4)

Overall, I think this is a nice palette to have if you love red and are looking for a monochromatic red palette. Or if you want to extend your collection of red eyeshadows. You have a lot of options and different undertones for every red look that you might do. I think the formula is amazing and the price is definitely a bonus!
Lots of love and see you next time!

4 responses to “Colourpop Main Squeeze Palette | Review + Swatches”

  1. Their packaging is always so fun! The color scares me a little, but. love how you used it. Your eyes are stunning! ❤

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    1. Loooove their packaging! Red isn’t my favourite colour on the eyes. It makes me look as if I have influenza haha. This is a stunning palette though. Especially if you’re looking for red tones ❤


  2. This palette is more than gorgeous. Shades are so pretty, but I have to admit I don’t usually wear these super warm toned shades in my daily life. If I’m going to job or Uni it’s a bit too intense, so I only wear earth tones, browns and golds. I’m a bit tired of Color Pop constantly releasing new things, it’s getting a bit crazy haha. xx

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    1. I don’t wear them in daily life either! To be honest, I never wear eyeshadow on a daily basis. Only for Instagram and my blog haha 😀 I get what you mean about Colourpop. A lot of the stuff that they release doesn’t really interest me. There’s too much at once. It’s a surprise how they maintain the quality though haha. 😁 xx

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