Starting A No Buy For The Rest of 2019

I’m tired. Tired of the releases. Tired of spending money. Tired of the ever-growing makeup collection collecting dust and getting expired. I want to use my makeup. That’s why I’m starting a No Buy for the last months of 2019. I need to change it up. And I want to see how much I can save when I’m not throwing it out the window for makeup.

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Funny story. I actually began writing this post at the beginning of September and intended to publish it sooner, but life was busy (good kind of busy) and I never got to publishing it. This week I finally had some time to finish up this post when I saw that one of my favourite YouTubers is doing the same thing. @Ssssamantha or Samantha Ravndahl is also doing a three-month no-buy and encouraged people to join the club. Well, here I am Samantha! Let’s do this.

The first rule, don’t buy any new makeup for the next three months. Simple as that. However, I have made a bit of an exception to the normal rules of a No-Buy. I will be repurchasing certain products when I run out of them. Things like moisturiser or particular products I don’t have a back up off, like mascara. I only have one mascara in my collection right now, so when I run out of it, I will repurchase it again.

The repurchase process can go two ways. I either buy the same product again or I will repurchase a different product within the same price range. If I empty multiple products of the same category I can add up the prices for something a bit more expensive. If I empty 3 concealers and the total price is €21, I will be able to buy a new concealer within the range of €20-25. That’s if I chose to do so. Or I can buy the exact same concealer again, only not thrice though. This will make the No-Buy more bearable for me and the existence of my blog. And let’s remember that products take a long time before they are empty or panned.

I do like to try new products and review them, but I’m done with overly excessive purchases and makeup collecting dust. I’m also only limiting myself to makeup and not skincare. The only skincare I buy is moisturizer (like creams, essence or toner), sunscreen or retinol (for the dry ass skin you know) and every once in awhile a mask or treatment. Skincare is usually something that takes months of emptying, so I won’t purchase a lot of it.

Also, repurchases will have no eyeshadow palettes. I’m done with it. I have so many eyeshadow palettes in my collection and it’s time to stop. I really want to use my existing collection and palettes. I need to pan all of them haha!! Eyeshadow palettes are really my soft spot. I buy them constantly, especially the colourful ones. But after 13 yellows, 23 browns, 56 oranges, 25 pinks. You get the clue? I have had enough, haha. I will have the option to buy three individuals every month if I chose to do so though because I do love unique shades. However, I don’t think I will be buying any individuals anytime soon. With the oversaturation of the market and all that stuff.

Another rule, NO MORE LIPSTICKS when repurchasing. I have about 40+ and I need to start using some rapidly before they expire. So expect the same lipstick shades over and over in every look I use. I think I will toss my liquid lipstick or give them to friends. I never really use them anymore because I don’t like the finish or feel on my lips.

I want to decrease my collection and actually use the products before they go bad and expire. I want to empty products. I want to get rid of the guilt that I feel when I look at my sixty eyeshadow palettes. I spend a lot of money on them and they are just laying there. I also want to reduce waste. I always order online and sometimes from foreign countries, which means that my orders go through a lot of trafficking (plane or boat) which is obviously bad for the environment and excess packaging which turned into waste. I want to reduce and eliminate all that.

That’s it for my brief introduction of my three-month no-buy. I think I will be able to fully commit to this journey this time. I can’t spend €200 every month anymore because I’m currently living in a dorm for my education and I’m really fatigued with the makeup industry at the moment, especially the market aspect. I love creating looks with makeup but I will do so with products that I already own.
What do you think of this journey and the makeup industry? Will you join the no-buy?
Lots of love and see you next time!

9 responses to “Starting A No Buy For The Rest of 2019”

  1. I love this idea and now that you’ve said it I may just do it and only buy when I totally need to replace. I too have a ton of makeup products. I’ve had weakness for lippy products and palettes, but I think I’m just going to force myself to step back. Plus I’ve been doing makeup favorite segments which is kind of like a pan project, but not quite. Plus it gets me to use makeup that I haven’t been using in a while.

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    1. Ooooh yes, we will have a little no buy together! I’m definitely all for using our existing makeup collection. Good luck!

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      1. Thank you and same to you too!! I can already feel the shakes a bit cuz I want to buy, but really don’t need to lol!! It’ll be all good. 🙂

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  2. Oohh good luck!! I like the idea of doing a no buy but I think I’d struggle so much haha. I’m definitely trying to cut back on eyeshadow palettes though as I totally agree with you that the all the new releases are just a bit too much now. It’s kinda overwhelming all the new eyeshadow palettes being thrown at us!

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    1. Thank you for wishing me luck, I will definitely need it! I was struggling with the low buy at the beginning of 2019 but now I’m really fed up with all the releases, so it’s a bit easier. Especially with eyeshadow palettes, indeed! Thanks for reading! x

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  3. I definitely get what you mean. There is just too many new realeses daily and it gets so annoying. Most brands come up with the same products just different packing and it’s just waste of money. I declutter maybe 2 weeks ago and I realized I have so much makeup, I can’t possibly use it up, so I’m not buying makeup all the time like I used to. Lovely post. xx

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    1. I agree. Seeing Colourpop come out with another collection just a few days days really pulled the trigger for me. I haven’t done a declutter in a very long time. I think I will do it soon and see what I can focus on. Thanks for reading! xx


  4. I need to do this. I have been spending for these past months, and I am broke. I also have more than what I will use. It is such a waste to buy something that I won’t use.

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    1. Same girl. Let’s do this no buy together!


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