Discontinued Makeup Products I Would’ve Liked To Try

Hey guys,
Do you ever think ‘man I would’ve liked to try that’ when a specific YouTuber says “It’s been discontinued”. These are some of the discontinued products that I would have liked to buy and try.

Mac Warm Soul (original version)
This is the product that inspired this post and was also heavily inspired by Ssssamantha, Allana Davison and Jamie Paige. Warm Soul looked like my kind of blush. Not too pink, not too orange, not too peachy. It truly warms my soul, haha. I have been looking for a dupe based on the pictures from people but I haven’t been able to find one. I really hope I do, one day. I love Brilliant Nude from Hourglass but it’s slightly more amber brownish.

Copyright @reddit

Anastasia Beverly Hills x MakeupbyMario palette
Okay okay okay. I know. A palette, what on earth could be special about it? But there’s just something about this palette. It looks like the perfect ‘smokey eyes with a hint of something Je ne sais quoi. I look at this picture and I feel warm. If they ever decided to bring this back, I will immediately buy it. No regrets.

Copyright @temptalia

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Bronze Dops in Sunkissed
I love cream bronzers and I saw this one on a few people’s channels before Cover FX decided to discontinue it. The shade looked absolutely perfect and the formula seemed amazing. I saw people blend this out and it was impeccable. The finish was chef’s kiss. I also hope they bring this back. Just for once.

Copyright @temptalia

Mac Cosmetics Cinderella & Mariah Carey Collection 
These are two collections by MAC that really interested me. However, I wasn’t that into makeup at the time and I missed out on these beauties. The lipsticks, glosses and blushes look so amazing. The packaging is so drool-worthy. I would have really liked to add this to my collection haha.

Copyright @ebay


That’s it for today’s blog post. I hope you enjoyed it!
Do you have any discontinued makeup products you would have liked to tried?
Lots of love and see you tomorrow!

8 responses to “Discontinued Makeup Products I Would’ve Liked To Try”

  1. those bronze drops sound so nice 😍 i love the concept of this! i feel like this happens all the time, wanting to try something & then it’s discontinued!

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    1. Yes totally! I watch so many people and sometimes they’re using a product and I’m like “wooooow that’s so pretty’ and then they say it’s discontinued. Always such a bummer haha! xx

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  2. My Master by Mario Palette & Warm Soul Blush are two classics in my collection that I’m so in love with 💜 … my biggest regret is missing out on the Amrezy highlighter from ABH!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg you’re so lucky to have it! I envy you haha 😛 The Amrezy is definitely beautiful. I think they will bring it back someday though! xx


  3. That ABH x MakeupbyMario palette is really pretty and I can totally see what you mean by making you feel warm.

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  4. The makeup by mario palette needs to come back, I want it too!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope it will come back someday! So many people seem to want it to come back haha!


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