Trying out Benefit Cosmetics Brow Products Review

Hey guys,
How are you all doing? Benefit Cosmetics huh? Never tried this popular brand before until a few months ago. Today I will be testing three of their most popular brow products and let you know if I liked them!

benefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (2)benefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (4)

I bought this little set back in September because I thought that it was a great value for your money. You get three products, The Gimme Brow – Precisely My Brow pencil – Goof Proof Brow pencil- for the price of โ‚ฌ44. I think each product normally retails for โ‚ฌ28 so this is a good deal. You get two full-sized products and one mini. Let’s go!

Gimme Browbenefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (8)benefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (9)

I never thought I would like this as much as I would. This is not a brow gel that will give your brows a lot of longevity. However, it will give your brows a lot of volume and something extra. I feel like it makes my brows slightly bushier and I love to use this after putting soap in my brows to revive the natural look a bit. Sometimes soap brows can be a bit too flat and this brow gel gives it some fulness again without affecting the longevity of the soap. I’m not sure if I will repurchase this product on its own again but I might buy it again in a little set to be more cost-friendly ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

The formula is also not too pigmented so I never have to worry that my brows might be a bit too dark or smudge it everywhere. That was something I experienced with the Essence brow gel and I didn’t like the smudging at all. This one doesn’t do that thanks to the thin formula. The brush is really tiny and grabs every hair which is also lovely. The Gimme Brow retails for โ‚ฌ28,04 for 3 grams which is quite expensive for a brow gel but again, I will probably buy it in a set because I like the other brow products too.

Goof Proof Brow Pencilbenefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (5)benefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (6)

This was the product in the set that was also full-sized. I actually really like this brow product and I have been using it every day. The pencil is pigmented enough to fill in the brows naturally without it looking like very blocky brows. I can be very precise but fill them in quite savagely at the same time.

I do think that there is one thing that I don’t like about this pencil and that is the shape. It has a sort of diamond shape and is very sharp at the beginning. However, after using this for a while the sharpness will disappear and the pencil will turn a bit bumpy and chunky. This means that you can’t be as precise anymore and the strokes are too thick. So no hairlike strokes anymore. This product retails for โ‚ฌ28,04 and you get 0,3 grams which will last you a long time. I have had this for two months and I still have plenty of product.

Precisely My Brow Pencilbenefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (7)

This was the only mini version in the set and I’m so sad that it wasn’t full-sized. I think this was my favourite product in the set. This product is very thin and again pigmented enough to look natural. I love this to mimic hairlike strokes in the eyebrows and it stays relatively sharp after using it. The formula is soft enough to easily fill and shape the brows without hurting yourself but still hard enough to look authentic, real and natural.

I don’t have anything negative things to say about this. It’s amazing.ย  Wait, I do! The full size retails for (again) โ‚ฌ28,04 and you get 0,08 grams of product. Which is a considerable amount less than the Goof Proof and Gimme Brow. So you have to remember that you will go through this much quicker and the price is the same.

benefit-cosmetics-precisely-my-brow-goof-proof-brow-pencil-gimme-brow-shade-3-review-swatches (10)
Shade 3

That’s it for today’s review of the Benefit brow products. I’m really happy that I finally took the plunge and tried their brow products. I actually like all of them and I think I will for sure purchase another set in the future. I’m not certain if I will ever individually purchase these products because expensive much, haha.
Lots of love and see you next time!


3 responses to “Trying out Benefit Cosmetics Brow Products Review”

  1. Is it just me but i feel that there is a cheaper dupe for almost all of them? And also how does the first brow tint compare to ABH’s?

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    1. There are certainly dupes for all of them! I think the NYX micro brow pencil is a good dupe for the precisely my brow pencil and I looooove the NYX one. The ABH brow gel is much more pigmented and makes the brows crunchy but increases the longevity. The benefit gimme brow is softer in texture and gives volume. Your brows look slightly thicker but the longevity isn’t as long as the ABH one. I think the Essence brow gel is very similar to the Benefit one actually! Xx

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      1. Yaaaaas! I wanna go pick up the essence brow gel now!

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