Grüüm: Pür Gentle Moisturiser

Before we begin:
I have a dry skin type and also suffer from dehydrated skin. I deal with hyperpigmentation and dark spots left by acne. So acne scarring is a daily treat. My skin is actually very dry and can be quite flaky when not taken care of. Thus, I lack oil and water in my skin.

Who’s Grüüm?

I never heard of Grüüm before so I decided to do some research. Turns out that they have some really nice principles and goals for the future. Btw, I picked up this product because I was in desparate need of a moisturiser and this just dropped on the ‘Just Dropped’ section on Beauty Bay.

Grüüm is a brand created by four friends from Manchester, UK. Simon, Beth, Andy and George strive to make skincare gender-neutral, age-neutral and wallet-friendly. Other goals and principles of the brand are innovative design, minimising waste and recycable materials. All good things so far. All of their body and shave ranges are vegan-friendly and most of the skincare, hair and beard products are too. They’re cruelty-free!

Inspired by Scandinavian ideals, we pledged we’d only create products that serve a real purpose. We’d only use quality ingredients. We’d cut out the gimmicks and lose the labels. We wouldn’t make things “for him” and “for her”, we’d make them for everyone. We’d keep our cost (and prices) low.

Simple. Honest. Fair.

– Grüüm

Grüüm Gentle Moisturiser

The packaging is quite neutral in tone and also quite small. However, this product still contains 50ml which is quite a lot. I don’t mind it being so small because it actually doesn’t take up too much space in my drawers or in my makeup bag. Very compact and easy. It can be a bit tricky to control the amount of product coming out. That was something that I quickly noticed.

The formula is quite thick in texture but not too much where it feels like a gel. It’s a nice moisturising cream which sinks into my skin really quickly. It feels really lightweight on the skin. Overal, it feels quite nourishing on the skin and non-greasy. However, there’s something about it that doesn’t really work for my skin type. It doesn’t hydrate or moisturise my skin enough and my skin never feels completely nourished with what it needs. It feels quite nice when applying it at first but the feeling fades after about an hour.

Honestly, I think this will suit an oily skin type much more. I can imagine this being a nice moisturiser for those people because the texture isn’t greasy or overly hydrating at all. So it won’t make you look more oily.

That’s it for today’s review!
I really like the goals and principles of Grüüm as a brand and am very happy to know of their existence thanks to Beauty Bay. I do think this product might be better suited for oily skin types. Nonetheless, I think I will pick up more products in the future! The Grüüm Gentle Moisturiser retails for €8,85 and is available on Beauty Bay.
Lots of love and see you next time!

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2 responses to “Grüüm: Pür Gentle Moisturiser”

  1. I might get this one as my skin has been quite oily lately. I don’t know why, but my skin changed so it’s more oily than normal now. Packing is so interesting, never seen packing like this for moisturizer. Lovely review. xx

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    1. Thank you lovely! I think you might really like this one! xx

      Liked by 1 person

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