Spring/Summer Clothing Wishlist 2021

Hey loves!
Today I want to talk about a different topic than makeup. Let’s talk clothing, jewellery and shoes! Here’s my current Spring/Summer Clothing Wishlist.

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Now, tops or t-shirts and blouses and cardigans (basically everything that goes on the top half of your body) is something that I desperately need right now. I have about 25 sweaters but tshirts suitable for spring and summer is something that I severly lack. Probably because I’m really insecure of showing my body during the warmer months. BUT, this year, I’m determined to do more and to be brave. So here are some tops/tshirts/… that have grabbed my attention.

Shirt 1Shirt 2Shirt 3

All of the shirts above are from Monki. I feel like Monki is a brand that I’m loving more and more, much like Stradivarius. My last two jeans are from Monki and I really like the quality. The shirts pictured above are just really chill t-shirts. Very casual and chill. I like casual clothes. But I really like the colours and the prints. I’m a huge fan of all three and I think I will pick them up soon!

Cream TshirtCorset BlouseCardigan

Next up are some more tops, haha. The first one is a very simple, cream coloured tshirt. I really like the fit and colour. Pretty basic but basic are so easy to style and you can’t go wrong with it really! The next one is a bit more special. It’s a beautiful broken white corset blouse. The model (please check the link to see the beautiful model) looked absolutely gorgeous and really sold this blouse to me. I think the corset-like fit will suit my upper body quite nicely, especially the bust area. So this is definitely high on my list. The last top is a beautiful muted green cardigan. I really like cardigan and I think it would fit the other items in this wishlist quite nicely. Spring can still be a bit chilly so I think this would be perfect!


Cream TrousersBlack trousers

Trousers or jeans are a particular categorie that’s so difficult for me to find whilst shopping. Being 4’10 or 149 centimeters isn’t necessarily easy in a world that tends to focus on women being 170 cm or more. I’m 30 centimeters below that, haha. So when I find trousers that interest me and that might actually fit me, I pick them up and I pick up a back-up haha. These trousers are so pretty and quite basic again. But I don’t like to go to bold on the trousers. The second pair is more flowy and lose, which I think is perfect for spring!


Brown sandalsVeja V-12

Now, little disclaimer. I’m extremely difficult in finding shoes that I find pretty or good looking. I hate most shoes, haha. I have four pairs of shoes (basically all sneakers and white or black) and I really want to find some more shoes that I like. It’s just that.. everything is so ugly. That’s until I came across these shoes pictured above. The brown sandals look lush and the sneakers look fresh and very spring appropriate. I’m in love!



Jewellery is another thing that I don’t buy frequently. But again, this year I want to push my comfort zone and these intricate pieces looked so pretty. I really like the touch of flowers in the necklace, the special design of the earrings and the small stone in the ring. Really love these pieces.

That’s it for my small spring and summer clothing wishlist. Btw, I’m working with a colour closet which means that I limit my wardrobe to a few colours and their variations. So I’m working with black, grey, white, brown and green. Variations are sage green, emerald green, cream, burnt orange, mahogany and so on. It really helps me to come up with an outfit that doesn’t look dysfunctional. It also prevents me from buying stuff that I never wear, which happens more often than not haha. Colour closet is the way to go for me!

I really hope you enjoyed reading these post. What are some fashion items on your wishlist for spring and summer? What brands do you enjoy? What do you struggle with? Let me know down below in the comments and lots of love!

Lots of love and see you next time!
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2 responses to “Spring/Summer Clothing Wishlist 2021”

  1. Loved this post! We have very similar sense of style and got so much inspiration. I am definitely someone that prefers A/W dressing for the cosy, layers but I want to find my style for the warmer months and my confidence to just wear whatever!

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    1. Thank you for reading! It seems like we’re very similar in both makeup and clothing haha :p

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