Patrick TA Double Take Cream Blush Duo in She’s So LA


The Patrick TA brand is one that evokes so much excitement. I love the makeup artistry of Patrick TA and I was thrilled when I saw he was releasing his own products. I quickly decided that my first product had to be one of the blush duo. The Major Headlines Double Take Cream Blush + Powder Blush Duo is quite a mouthful.

I picked up this blush duo during Black Friday, like a lot of the reviews you’ve been reading lately. I really like to test my products for a couple of weeks (and I’m sometimes a little busy or lazy haha). This blush though is beautiful. Let’s review together!

The blush compact retails for $34 or ยฃ30 and is available in four shades. You can get your blush duo on Sephora or Cult Beauty. I picked up mine during the Black Friday sale in November and got a -25% discount, which is always nice. I chose the shade She’s So LA after hearing raving reviews on the colour.

According to Cult Beauty, this blush is supposed to give you full, bold colour for a sexy, flawless flush. The cream diffuses seamlessly to lend a dewy hint of tint that can be effortlessly layed to increase the shade’s intensity. The powder is supposed to apply like a dream and dissolves upon contact to guarantee a second skin effect. Girl, that’s a lot of claims and a lot of descriptive words. I hope it will reach those high expectations now.


The powder isn’t very powdery or dusty which is something that I really appreciate. When applied lightly it gives the skin a nice blushed appearance and belnds quite easily. The finish on my skin isn’t too dry or textured. That’s something that surprised me because powders tends to emphasize texture.

There’s definitely some pigment to this blush, which is why I said to apply it lightly. I think one dip is more than enough. I would say it isn’t fully matte. It’s more of a satin formula and it has some very fine golden shimmers in it. Again it blends really easily when used lightly and the colour is similar to the cream blush. It looks like a bronzer but isn’t. It’s a bit too hazelnutty red in the pan.

I love the shade and formula of the powder blush. The satin formula is easy to work with and looks skin-like on the cheeks. It’s really longwearing which surprised me. Really love this blush with fresh and sunkissed flush.


The cream formula has a balm consistency and the texture feels like butter. It glides on to the skin and adheres well to the foundation underneath. It’s super easy to blend with both a sponge or a brush, even fingers if you prefer that method.

The formula reminds me of the Fenty Beauty blushes. They have the same translucency and aren’t fully opaque. The difference is that the Patrick TA blush is creamier and more balm-like. The pigmentation is also more sheer but buildable. This cream blush is quite sheer but that makes it really easy to work with. No immediate clown cheeks with this one.

The finish is quite beautiful. Dewy and glowy but not too much. It’s almost wet-looking on the skin. Maybe not ideal if you have oily skin because it doesn’t dry down and will remain slightly tacky. All in all, this cream blush gives the face a beautiful flushed and healthy appearance.


That’s it for today’s review. It’s definitely a beautiful blush and I really like the versatility of this product. The cream and powder can be applied together or alone and each way will give a beautiful finish and flush on the skin. The shade is so unique in my collection and I’m really obsessed with it.
I hope you really enjoyed this review and the Patrick TA Cream and Powder Blush duo is available on Cult Beauty or Sephora.

One response to “Patrick TA Double Take Cream Blush Duo in She’s So LA”

  1. Wonderful review!! I really wanted to get my hands on this blush duo during the Sephora sales but I kind of took my time deciding and now it’s out of stock ๐Ÿ˜‚


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