Kosas Color & Light Creme in Tropic Equinox

Remember my Kosas Velvet Melon review? Well it’s time for another sister in the range, Tropic Equinox. A bronze and champagne compact. Is this one as creamy and wonderful as Velvet Melon? Let’s see!


The Kosas Color & Light Creme is described as a cream blush and simmering highlight duo for an instant and long-lasting radiance. It’s supposed to blend seamlessly without drying or creasing and give life to lacklustre complexions. It has apricot kernel seed oil, green tea seed, jojoba oil and marula oil. Tropic Equinox retails for $34 and is available on Sephora, Cult Beauty and Kosas’ website. The brand is cruelty-free!


I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the formula is almost identical to Velvet Melon. Creamy, melty, beautiful finish, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s take a deep dive into this product and give an in depth description.

The Blush

The blush is really creamy and buttery. The best way to describe this texture is definitely smooth like butter. As soon as you touch it, it seems to melt and turns really creamy. It has a sheer/medium pigmentation on my skintone depending on how much I apply. There’s no patchiness and it has a radiant finish. A pore filling primer is advised if you apply this on the cheeks.

The colour is a beautiful warm-toned bronze without being too orange or red. It’s truly one of my favourite colours in my blush collection because it’s almost the perfect sunkissed bronze colour for the nose and cheeks.

The Highlighter

The higlighter, much like the one in Velvet Melon, is more melty and creamy than the cream blush. At the same time, the texture is also a bit more dense, like thicker and more whipped. I find that I don’t like this texture as much on my skin type. It’s almost too thick and heavy. Too oily almost and I have a dry skin type. I can make it work but it’s something to be aware of!

The shade is slightly darker than the one in Velvet Melon but it still works on my skin tone. There’s no cast on the cheeks and it does give one of the most beautiful luminous sheens on the cheeks.


I recommend applying the cream blush with fingers or a brush. The sponge is a bit tricky because it doesn’t seem to pick up the product very well. A brush gives more pigmentation but your fingers give a seamless blush but sheerer application. It al depends on your mood and preference.

The highlighter is best applied with fingers. A brush is fine too but it might pick up too much product or you will apply it a bit more messy. Again, fingers give the best application and finish.

Lastly, the longevity isn’t that great. Both formulas are really creamy and because of that, they fade a bit faster. Adding a powder on top helps, but it will obviously take away some of the shine.

That’s it for the review of the Kosas Color & Light Crème. I don’t know if you can tell but I’m a huge fan of the blush. It’s my favourite nude brown, warm toned blush. Beautiful for a sunkissed look. The highlighter is good too. I hope you enjoyed this review!

The Kosas Color & Light Crème Duo is available on Sephora, Cult Beauty and Kosas’ website.

Lots of love and see you next time!
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