BEST BLUSHES FOR SUMMER | Flushed for life

What’s there more to love than a nice, summery blush colour? NOTHING. So today I’m presenting my favourite blushes for summer. Whether they’re a sunburn colour, bright or neutral. These are all fantastic. I just love cream blush guys. AND I HIT PAN IN THIS VIDEO OMG. Project pan, here I am.

Products mentioned here ๐Ÿ™‚
Catrice Blush Box ‘Dolce Vita’
Nabla Skin Glazing ‘Independence’
Patrick TA Double Take Blush ‘She’s so LA’
Honest Beauty Cream Blush ‘Rose Pink’
ELF Putty Blushes ‘Tahiti’ & ‘Turks&Caicos’
Milani Cheek Kiss Blush ‘Coral Crush’
Em Cosmetics So Soft cream blush ‘Lychee’
Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Blush ‘Joy’

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  1. l.oved the colors you used~

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