Juvia’s Place: The Magic Palette

I’ve had this palette in my collection for a few weeks now but I forgot to review it. So let’s get ready for some hyped up makeup and a little bit of magic. Without further ado:


The packaging is in my opinion so pretty. You have what resembles two goddesses on the front of the palette with two colour schemes. The Moon on the left and the Sun on the right. On the back of the packaging, you can read what the inspiration for this palette was and a little bit of information such as ingredients, where it was made, etc.

The Magic palette is a very coloured palette instead of your everyday neutrals and I like that. It’s very versatile and therefore excellent for a wide variety of occasions. The palette consists of 16 shades of which 6 mattes and 10 metallics (with some duochromes).  The eyeshadow pans are huge btw. Like huge, massive, grand, giant, enormous. Also, this palette is cruelty-free!


The formula of the metallics/duochromes (like Zuba and Faso) is amazing. They’re very pigmented and reflective. They feel like butter and apply smoothly on the eyes. However, they are very loosely pressed and therefore a bit crumbly. You also might experience some fall out with the shimmers! The mattes were a little bit disappointing. Some shades, like Ife for example, looks different in the pan than swatched. Ife looks like a deep dark blue in the pan but is actually more purple when applied or swatched on the skin. They also need a little bit of building up since they are a bit sheerer. That being said, they do blend like they should and you can make amazing looks with this palette! You will notice that Kesi is not so visible in the swatches, this is because it’s almost my exact skin tone, haha.


My absolute favourite colours in this palette are Nubia, Kogi, Zuba, Boronu, Faso and Yara (Yara being my absolute, absolute favourite). I love the shimmers but I do hope they will change the formulation of the mattes in the future just a bit, so they’re a bit more smooth and easier to blend.


This is a look I created with this palette. Nothing major, just a few shades threw together. I used Kesi, Ife, Faso and Osun. On the lips: MAC Whirl.
Lots of love and see you next time!

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  1. Omg I feel the same way about Juvia’s Place. It’s there but not quite. I guess for the price and the color payoff, you can’t beat it? Love the looks you’ve created. ❤️

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      The price is the main reason for the hype, at least that’s what I think! And thank you so much! ❤


  2. […] of December 2017 is when I bought my first ever Juvia’s Place palette. The Magic Palette (review here). My review was very positive and I was in love with the packaging. Since then, new eyeshadow […]


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