Makeup Collection Quarantine Edition

Hey guys, So in today’s video I will be showing you the makeup that I brought home. I knew we were going to be in lockdown for quite some time and makeup is a real passion/hobby for me. So I decided to take some of my stuff with me. These are mainly products that are either very versatile or very loved. You could consider this as real favourites haha.

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5 responses to “Makeup Collection Quarantine Edition”

  1. Oh gonna go make myself cup of coffee and enjoy the video. I see Essence Sun club mat bronzing powder which was favorite of mine for really long time, I actually used up one already. I have another one in my stash though. xx

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    1. I took most of my collection home, not gonna lie haha :p A suitcase full of makeup

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  2. Beautiful collection !

    from / Lola💌Addict

    Have a nice day. 🌞

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