The 90’s are back baby! VIEVE recently launched their new palette, the Ninetease palette. Cool tones are back in the makeup industry and I can’t wait to review, swatch and show you some looks!


The packaging is super sleek. I love the combination of gold and black. Such a cult classic color combo, but it works every time. It also reminds me of the very luxe brand, Versace. The design of the jaguar is based of of Jamie Genevieve‘s back tattoo. I also adore anything to do with cats, so it’s really speaking to my soul.

The inside holds a full size mirror and ten, quite large, eyeshadow pans. The formula is described as richly pigmented, blendable, creamy and buildable. Apparently, anything from a smoky eye, to a everyday look is possible. The palette is also cruelty-free.

The Ninetease palette retails for €42 on Vieve’s website, but it’s actually €50,95 on Cult Beauty. I got an extra -15% thanks to the Honey extension that I use (not an ad obviously, just a quick tip).

The Ninetease Palette is a nostalgic take on cool-toned eyeshadow from the 90s with 10 powerfully pigmented modern matte and ethereal shimmers. With molten metals, cool hues of dusky purple and smoky greys, create endless eye looks.


Matte formula

The mattes are definitely my favorite formula in the palette. The shadows feel very soft and powdery, so there’s a bit of kick up when you put your brush in it. They’re quite powdery, but luckily not chalky. Smooth and velvety are two words to describe this formula. Furthermore they’re not patchy or texture emphasizing.

However, if I have to nitpick, I will. The shades are so soft and they blend so effortlessly, that they sometimes lose their dimension. They blend together and create a new color on your eyes, instead of holding their own. The transition between shades is kind of lost and it can become one dimensional.

I think that’s due to the fact that the colors aren’t that different from eachother. I wish there were more medium shades to create dimension and depth. In general though, I do really like the mattes.

Shimmer formula

The shimmer formula is a different matter. Unfortunately, I don’t really like them. VHS – Acid Wash and Dial Up are mature shimmers. They’re a very soft wash of shimmeriness. I guess for my preference, I think the shimmers are almost too soft and finely milled. They’re not very sparkly of shimmery, and it looks like a satin.

I do like them more when I applied them wet. They’re definitely more impactful. They’re opaque and there’s no skipping. I’m just a little disappointed they aren’t as impactful and sparkly as I would’ve liked.


Makeup Looks


The Vieve Ninetease palette is a great palette if you want to break the mold of buying warm toned neutral palettes. The palette is nice and different. The mattes are easy to work with and the shimmers are workable. It’s fun to discover the world of cool tones and it’s very unique on the market right now!

Available here:
Cult Beauty or Vieve’s Website

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