MAKEUP THERAPY #1 | Get ready for a vulnerable ride

Hey guys and welcome to a ‘new’ series on my channel: Makeup Therapy! In today’s video we’re doing a makeup GRWM whilst doing a therapy session, lol. I talk about all things insecurities, feeling bad, family, changes, why I like makeup and also my favourites from the Beauty Bay black friday sale! This is by no means a revolutionary idea, but I’ve been playing with it in my head for so long, I thought it was a good idea to finally try it. Hope you like it!!

Products mentioned:
Beauty Bay x Nikkietutorials palette
Nabla beautifying tinted balm shade 1
Catrice liquid camouflage concealer
Kosas Cloud set airy
Essence all about matt setting powder
Danessa Myricks contour balm fair
Nabla skin bronzing ambra
Nabla Skin Glazing ozone
Nabla skin glazing independence
Nabla Secret palette
ABH Modern renaissance palette
ABH Soft Glam palette
Nabla close up lip shaper 2
NYX lip pencil nude beige
Lisa eldridge velvet petal
NYX butter gloss madeleine

*use of affiliate links

2 responses to “MAKEUP THERAPY #1 | Get ready for a vulnerable ride”

  1. Oooh I like the shape and the colors you used . Very nice

    Liked by 1 person

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